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Saturday, August 22, 2009

2:54AM - ear damage

who missed a great show tonight?

you guys did.

froggy went a courtin was turned into a murder ballad

Sunday, August 16, 2009

1:25AM - Butterfly Balls

Cover band.
Shitty "art".
The Who's Who of Decatur.
Huntsville Hospital.

Current mood: other

Saturday, July 11, 2009

4:21AM - Quotes of the Day:

Quotes of the day,
July 10, 2009

"Motley Crue are pussies. The Golden Girls are so metal!"
- C. Adam Fargason

"This is like trying to read acrylic."
- M. Andrew Morgan

Current mood: twisted ankle

Monday, February 23, 2009

3:42PM - Quote of the Weekend

"I don't knock. I've got a battering ram!"
-Adam Fargason

Sunday, February 22, 2009

5:30AM - Harmony

So, folks have had harsh words to say bout the 2009 motto. "Awful, Awesome Harmony."

But these harsh words were spoken in haste, without as much as a 'how do you do' to the thought.

I, recently, have discovered the true meaning behind the motto. Harmony does not only refer to sound. The Harmony can be between any two or more aspects of one's life.

Recently, the Red Mountain Family Band played a show The day after, I physically felt terrible, but I continually basked in the glow of an amazing show. That is when I learned the true meaning of Awful, Awesome Harmony.

I chose to put my body on the altar, and sacrifice it to the gods of performance, substance abuse, and thought.

and when you wake up those mornings, hurting, feeling awful for what you have said/done... ponder a bit... think about the beauty you achieved the days before.
without the pain, you don't know what pleasure feels like... make your dinosaur, make them look at your bones. weep for death

weep for death.
but celebrate life, in all its pain.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

9:40PM - things to do this week

greencup books
with red mountain family band!!!
and more!

at AC Temple.
for my birthday
i need to raise 150 dollars for 25 lbs of crawfish. call me if you are in.
if not, then everyone buys me dinner at fish market.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

3:53AM - the inside of a poem

i just hope i die while hugging.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

3:40AM - Sorrow the Cramps Taught Us

It is very plausible that, if Lux Interior din't die, Charles Griffin would be getting laid right now.

It is a noble gutter we live in.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

10:17PM - Firday! THINGS TO do.

So the plan is I am going to see the Wrestler at vestavia rave.
then I am heading back to the AC Temple to get fucked up and record with the reverend, BK Pussyturd (FULL HOLE), and YOU.

If you want to see the Wrestler or get smashed or record sounds, git at me.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

2:41PM - a piece of my mind: unabridged

Its a cultural thing (some might offer 'subcultural' and i would offer 'suck a dick. you wouldn't know subculture if it bit you on your trousers. trousers, thats what kids are calling them nowadays, right?)

Monday, January 19, 2009

7:45PM - 2009: a Motto

Awesome, Awful Harmony


Sunday, January 11, 2009

3:12AM - RIP Ron Asheton

July 17, 1948 – c. January 6, 2009

Sunday, December 21, 2008

2:35PM - Quote of the Night (last night)

"I don't even like Africa."
-Our cab driver, on the incompetence of the other cab driver

"If I don't jerk off twice a day, I get cavities."

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

8:44PM - Quote of the Night:

"Yeah, I taught them a lot. I taught them how to get smacked."
-Milton, on BSC sorostitutes

Monday, December 15, 2008

2:57AM - Sophmoric recording

I will soon be recording the new Yakuza Dance Mob record.
And to continue in the spirit of the mob being a non-exclusive group of people that dick around while I make a fool out of myself, I plan on allowing anyone who wants to, to join in on some directed noise making.

With this record I want to capture the energy of a YDM live show. As it stands now the recorded side of the band is very different from the live side. Most of the shit that we've been playing live, I haven't even attempted recording. Now it is time for me to take a little bit of that sweat and beer soaked madness and put it down to some zeros and ones.

I plan on recording all of the songs we regularly perform that don't already have a recorded version, bust out a few new ones, and maybe cutting new versions of the songs we have already recorded.

If anyone wants to join in, feel free to contact me. The time line is fuzzy. I have things to take care of before this gets off the ground.

Things I have to do:
- Resurrect my recording computer. Might have to pull some Dr Frankenstein shit on this one.
- Figure out how to cut the best version of a song, without quelling the spontaneity that makes the shows great.
- Possibly leave behind the old YDM recording style (hours of post production and sound collage work) in favor of a sound built from the beginning.
- Figure out how to chain my performance beast, capture that on stage emotion and put it in my living room, in front of a recording mic. This has been a problem in the past.

This will be fun for me.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

3:20AM - Seriously folks...

For all of you who didn't come to the show tonight, you missed one of the best shows Birmingham has had in a while.

I sent out videos of Gutbucket in my advertisements... But those paled in comparison to seeing them live. Shit, I played with them a few years ago and knew what to expect, and my mind was fucking blown.
I am going to go ahead and say:

Gutbucket is one of the two best live bands in the USA

The other is This Is My Condition.

And you folks that didnt come out... you missed Yakuza Dance Mob in rare form. The computer broke down,and we couldn't do any of our normal songs. So we did a complete improv set. And it was amazing. I found the fun again.

And you might have missed No Parents. Where somehow Big Mark can keep up a fucking drum machine style new-wave beat with no problem. I was seriously blown away by one of their songs. I don't remember which, because I was floating on a cloud of awesome, and I couldn't hear the lyrics from that high up.

Friday, December 5, 2008

10:46PM - Git your filthy asses to this show!!


See Cigar Box artists No Parents and Yakuza Dance Mob


GUTBUCKET (from Brooklyn)




105 Richard Arrington Blvd S
Birmingham AL



No Parents starts at 8 PM sharp, so get here early and schmooze.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

8:19PM - Queen Termite

I am the queen termite. I send my daughters out to find delicious broads to feast on.
Did I just type "broad"? I meant to type "board". Or did I?

For all of you who failed to witness the weekend like David and I did, you missed an experiment in Ice Magic (Blizzaga?) The sun shined enough to make you remember when she used to warm the earth, while not doing so. The bookstore had the magic of Christmas but without the presents, feasting, or family comradery. There was something in the air that made me think I was part of something special, without much special things happening (until the evenings.)

The YDM set was action packed and sounded amazing. I sacrificed my body for the crowd. But they might as well have been cardboard cutouts. I was drunk and giving it my all. I don't think it would have mattered if I was playing to an empty room. The show satisfied some sort of primal sensor in my deepest mind, pleasing the whole of me in an all-over non-specific way. This was one test of expectations versus execution. I thought I learned to stop having expectations about YDM sets because 80% of the magic happens unexpectedly. And I think I didn't have expectations about the show, but I had expectations about the whole evening, which included the show. Usually the show is the reason. But it being during a book fair made me wonder about things muchly. Would I be meeting new and exciting people that I forced to watch me play a fool? Would I be running off folks who just wanted to sell their book of poetry? I knew I was going to get wasted, and hoped for some proper skirts to chase, what if two showed up? In the end it turned into a regular show, most of the book folks were gone. Instead of chasing a skirt, I chased one off. Apparently she didn't understand during the "Softer Side of Yakuza" show that things get a bit extreme. I think I noticed that empty chair during "We Don't Need Your Love." Maybe she thought it was a statement. But sometimes that statement is "We don't NEED your love, but we would really like to have it anyways." Which is a thing that I am living by these days. I have plenty of people who love me, I don't need anymore, but I would like some. Love is a good thing, and I want more, but could be content with the amount I have now. But of course it was probably "transplant" and me stripping that did it.

The Rev. Jack Ladybird and Hightower set was a king-fucker! It had equal parts nobility, slimeballness, a self-defeating cry for love, and proudness for how much we love ourselves and each other. I really don't know what the audience was feeling, and we didn't prepare for all of that (except for the slimeball call for love... and really we don't need to prepare to love ourselves, thats 24/7 - No prep needed.) But when thinking back to the set, and trying to put it into words, those things came to mind. I guess its hard to think back and try to uncover the underlying feelings I was having while concentrating wholly on / getting consumed by a piece of music. I really that I could relive that piece as an audience member watching us play. According to Milton, the crowd felt awkward, but not so much so that they ran away. They were freaked out by the abstractness, but compelled by the beauty, I'd like to think. I think we also ended the set at the proper moment. I was getting too emotionally involved in the piece, and I think if we kept going and that was unchecked it might have gotten out of hand. Slapping myself in the face with a microphone while laying, shirtless, under a table was the call to zip. Not to say a sudden pick up in the piece at the end wouldn't have been good. I just don't think I could have handled it. And I don't think I would have liked to go there anyway. YDM is my outlet for thoughtless action. As in I create the atmosphere for it. I write stuff for the computer to play, I surround myself with people to make sounds with that. I give them as little direction as I can, so they can have the same sort of experience I do - create action on a theme. While Rev Jack Ladybird and Hightower is more contemplative, less action oriented. A wise man once said "Music has rules, but who says those rules can't be arbitrary." So, my arbitrary rule for this project is - hold back. I have control.
This set also included the fight between expectations and execution. Three of the four things I had planned to do failed before we even got started. But its okay, since the piece turned out better than I was expecting.
Maybe everything can be summed up in this:
It's like we were a stand-up comedian performing in a lonely coal-miner's bar. Everyone was emotionless but appreciative.
If that is wrong, then I am going to use it for something else, I think it's a nice image.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

3:59PM - An Open Letter to the Receptionist at Alabama Power

Dear Receptionist at Alabama Power,

You are a bitch. Please tell your boss to get back the nice lady they used to have there.
Okay, now that's out of the way. Let me tell you how to do your job better, and not make me want to shit in your coffee.
Receptionists are supposed to be nice and have the ability to easily interact with the public. Here is how you do that:

Step One - Don't look at people who come to your desk like they are disrupting you. Your job is to field these people and their questions. They probably don't know where the auditorium is. Especially be nice to other people who are there doing their job, like a delivery driver with 2 and a half arms full of food. You especially shouldn't look at them like they don't belong there. There is a high chance that they do belong there (and if they happened into the wrong building, then politely give them directions to the correct building.)

Step Two - Answer your visitors questions. If you are looking at someone like they don't belong here, then they might feel like they don't belong, then they might ask a question like "600 18th St, is this the correct building?" It would be nice to answer them, instead of snatching the papers out of their hands.

Step Three - If you really need the 90 square feet of desktop allotted to you, you should politely ask the person with two and a half arms full of food to move instead of shouting "I can't have all this stuff on my desk!" Maybe you should take a lesson from your predecessor, who instead of making the delivery driver sit on a couch in the corner, and just politely ask them to move their stuff to one corner of the desk. See, making the person sit in the corner hides them from the folks coming down for their food, so they have to come up to you and ask where the person is (making your job ever so much harder.)

Maybe these things will help us both have a more pleasant work day.


Monday, November 3, 2008

8:33PM - discovering human

after a hard long month, I can sleep again. I probably won't.

Last night I got a double-decker dis, got raging drunk, wanted to hit on a girl, but passed out on the couch.
The previous night - I scared people until 130AM, came home hopped up on red bull and watched two recent horror movies. They both seemed really short to me, like the ending was going to be a twist fake ending, but was the real ending. Maybe Taurine does this to a person. I had wings.
The previous night - I scared people until 330AM, then went to the plaza and got raging drunk. I talked to one new person. I had wings this night, too.

Sometimes its nice to have a little reminder of where you stand it the world. No matter how much you plan, have good intentions, work at shit, that sometimes a little fucking turd falls from the sky and lands right on your nose. It is totally frustrating to have such a thing happen, but it also does a good. It makes me realize I don't care. But not in the "i dont care so i aint gonna do nuthin bout it." way. Not caring as in, in this particular situation, I don't care about the outcome. I still try to achieve a positive outcome, but if that turd lands on my nose, big deal. What's the cost? Currently, 120 dollars owed to Larry Langford (maybe 90, if things work out) and a little piece of myself on a butchers table. It's okay, I am making money. It's okay, I still have people who love me. One day its going to be a rosy-smelling gold plated turd that hits me on the nose. Maybe I will stop and pick it up. Maybe I wont.

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